Important Bird Areas (IBAs), are sites particularly important for bird conservation because they regularly hold significant population of one or more globally or regionally threatened, endemic or congregatory bird species or highly representative bird assemblages. Important Bird Areas are more than a bunch of sites, they aim to form a network sites ensuring that migratory species find suitable breeding, stop-over and wintering places along their respective flyways. Important Bird Areas were selected on the basis of internationally agreed standard criteria. In Greece there have been identified 196 IBAs. HOS is actively involved in the international program of Birdlife International, which aims to identify, monitor and protect key sites for birds all over the continent through joint efforts of staff and volunteers at local, national and international level.Karalis Beach Hotel in Pylos offer you the opportunity to experience nature and Birdwatching.

Ξενοδοχεία στην Πύλο Μεσσηνίας